A Straightforward Review on the PSJailbreak

PS3 USB ChipThere are companies which have already been given samples in the form of memory stick to try the functions of the PSJailbreak PS3 USB Mod Chip. The sample unit usually comes with a paper where the instruction about how to use the sample units can be read. However, an experienced critic of the software application would wrap up the main benefits of the mod chip.

  • It works with just about any PS3 console, from the fat ones to the newer and slimmer versions.
  • The backup process can be done in both internal and external HD.
  • It has a homebrew software application.
  • It works very well with PS3 games.
  • New features can be added.

PSJailbreak P3 Mod ChipIf you want to use the PSJailbreak mod chip, it would take more effect if it is used with its specified 3.41 version of the PS3 console. As the critic, all you have to do to be very specific as to what products would be present in the final release is to wait for the launch of the item. The sample sent did not have any specifics then.
By trying the mod chip to work with the older version of the console, initialization failed. It only started out fine after being updated to the 3.41 version.
Requirements for PSJailbreak to Work

  • The 3.41 firmware version should be installed on the PS3 console.
  • For a more efficient backup process, the Backup Manager should be downloaded. The initial download can be done using a USB flash drive. However, the USB should be in the FAT32 format.

Operation of the PS3 USB Mod Chip

  1. Naturally, the console would be off before any step of the process started. Connect the USB PSJailbreak. Then, do either of the following based on the type of console that you will use.
  • PS3 fat console. Find the rear switch and turn off the console.
  • PS3 slim console. Turn the device off by disconnecting the power cord at the back of the device.

Then, put the USB PS3 Jailbreak to any USB port that you can find in your PS3 console. You have to make sure though that no other USB device is connected to the console.

  1. To turn the device on, press the Power button followed by the Eject button. For about ten seconds, the LEDs on the PSJailbreak will get ignited. You have to observe either of these two things happening then.
  • Green LED is on. This is good news that says that the mod chip is functioning.
  • Red LED is on. This is bad news for it means that the PSJailbreak is not working. However, this could also mean that either the Power or Eject button was not pressed properly. Thus, in order to correct this situation, you have to do the power and eject buttons again.
  1. If the green LED light is lit with the proper loading of the PSJailbreak, the USB flash drive can be inserted into any of the USB ports of the console. The Backup Manager should also be connected to the device as well.
  2. Find the Game menu and press on the “Install Package Files” option. Backup manager can then be selected.
  3. Once you are done with the Game menu, select the Backup Application Manager and then run it.
  4. After installing the files, the reader should be made familiar with the console. If you want your backup in the form of the USB flash drive, you should press the button O. For the backup to be safe, you can store the file to another location of your choice.
  5. If you want to start a game, you need to have one of your original games inserted into your console still. Another thing that you should have is the Backup Manager. With the old game in the console, you can trick the device into thinking that it is still loading the game.
  6. Once you have your backup, you can rewind back to where you started. This would require you to press the X button. This will prompt you to be led back to where you started – with the menu.

Once you have already decided that you want to install the PS3 Jailbreak Chip into your console, you will not be able to take this out anymore.

Steps to Start-up PSJailbreak

  1. To get a copy of this PSJailbreak, go to www.psjailbreak.com/downloads. Get the Backup Manager first and save the application into the standard USB flash drive with FAT32 format.
  2. Turn the console off. If you have the fat version, just turn it off using the rear switch. The slim console would need to have its power cable unplugged out of the console.
  3. Insert the USB form into the console. No other external device should also be used or inserted into the console as well.
  4. After pressing the Power button, press the Eject button next. Either of the two LED lights will light up. Green LED light on means that the mod chip is actually working. However, the red LED light would signify that PS3 Jailbreak Chip is not working or that it was not entered properly. To make the red light green, you should press the Power and Eject buttons properly.
  5. It is time to use your USB and insert it into the console.
  6. Browse the Game menu, find the option called “Install Package Files” and then install the Backup Manager.
  7. Install the Backup Manager and click on it.
  8. You can then start the transfer of the backup files into your hard rive. The O button of the console will be useful during the sharing.  Once PSJailbreak is working, you will be prompted about using an external or internal hard drive.
  9. To start loading any game, insert one of the backups into the drive. If you want to start playing some PS3 games, you should feed your console with the real game. This will allow the console to experience the loading process still even if you are already loading games from your hard drive. You can choose your game from the Backup Manager by scrolling through it up and down.

After learning the steps on how PSJailbreak work, you need to know more considerations about them.

  • Ripping the GOw3 file took around90 minutes as it was copied to the internal drive of the console.
  • Dates are not available for games backed up and loaded from the PS3 Jailbreak Chip. However, loading the games using Blu-Ray would allow you to follow dates on the games.
  • PSJailbreak still works online.
  • Loading the games directly from PSJailbreak will not allow you to exclude viewing the videos of the game.
  • The PS3 Jailbreak Chip still has to be connected to the console properly so that the Backup Manager will also function well enough.
  • Ignited console does not give any good results for the device and for PSJailbreak itself.

Summary of the Critic’s Test Results

  • As long as the console has a Backup Manager installed, backup games can still run on it.
  • Backup Manager can still be uninstalled although the PS3 Jailbreak Chip may not.
  • Ripping the backups to be saved on the internal hard disk drive will give you more speed with the games than using the external hard disk drive.
  • Updates must be uninstalled for the backups to work.

God of War III
File Size: 40.1GB
Internal Backup Duration: 90 mins
External Backup Duration: 280 mins
Console working offline: The game can still be played.
Console working online: With the use of the Backup Manager online, an update would show. Declining the updates after loading the game enables the game and entire system to work without error.
Note: If you close down the update, the backup game still works but the PS2 console with get cut off from the PSN. However, if you will also approve of the update installation, the system will not work at all. Only the removal of the update will restore the system to its old functions.


Red Dead Redemption
File Size: 4.83GB
Internal Backup Duration: 15 mins
External Backup Duration: 40 mins
Result: Fails, because this is already over 4GB
After you run the backups, you will get an error or Fail Write result. The Backup Manager can get the system to work at first but you are in for a disappointment since the game would not open still. You will see the installation process working but still fails to open the game. This is due to more than 4GB file size.
Internal HD Backup: The game runs well.
Console working offline: The backups work fine. Right after the installation, the games work without any glitch.
Console working online: Simply ignoring the updates that would pop up would save the system from the failure of not opening at all.
Note: Cancelling the update will cut you off from the PSN but installing and then uninstalling it will result to a hung console.

Condemned 2
File Size: 6.43GB
Internal Backup Duration: 15 mins
External Backup Duration: 40 mins
Console working offline: The backup games work just fine.
Console working online: Every time you will use the Backup Manager online, you will be notified of the update but you should ignore them to avoid problems.
Note: Ignoring the updates will cut the console off from the PSN. Once the updates are installed, the backup games will still run. However, the console should have an original game in it. The games still work properly online. However, if you want further backup operation, you have to uninstall the updates.


Resistance: Fall of Man
File Size: 15.40GB
Internal Backup Duration: 35 mins
External backup duration: 100 mins
Result: Fails (over GB)
Console working offline: The games are on and working.
Console working online: Updates can be taken but the backup games still work. After installing the update, you just need to restart your computer to allow the games to work correctly.


FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010
File Size: 7.36GB
Internal backup duration: 15 mins
External backup duration: 40 mins
Console working offline: The game functions the way it should.
Console working online: Updated patches can still be availed of and despite updates getting installed, the backups still work.



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