Updating PS3Key • Review / How to update PS3 Key firmware

PS3Key Update: The PS3Key has the ability to be updated via a USB port to increase the functionality of the device, and the new system works very simply update features.The, you need to register on their website PS3Key Internet before downloading the first update. After downloading the update file will be three files to get: Before starting the program you need to update mode PS3Key is simply insert and remove the start PS3Key a PC USB port 4-fold, s' lighter red to blue and the computer sees it as a boot manager instead of USB generic hub.You can now start the program, it is very easy to use:


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You create the file and select the update file and press PS3Key update.It can be in about 30 seconds and done.You close the program and delete the PS3Key be completed and enjoy the new features.QUOTE

1. Run the application in Windows

2. PS3Key Updater.exe. PS3Key Connect your PC to the update mode. To do this simply create and extract a fewtimes until the two LEDs (red and blue), while the light time

3. Select File, Open, and choose to update the file (ps3key_v2.upd) 0

4. Click "Update Now" on the top of the screen. This is only activated when the PS3Key is connected to your PC, and both red and blue LEDs are lit.

5. This is it! The progress bar indicates when the update was applied.6. It is now safely remove PS3Key your PC and continue to enjoy its use with new features!




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